Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Don Quixote?

Okay, I can't help myself.

I just finished reading, click here, about Jim Scheiss resigning, being kicked off, disqualified, etc, from the MO BOE because he refused to undergo a criminal background check...as required by a new state law.
It seems Jim is upset because the law is an unfunded mandate that will cost districts money and is determined to send a message to Trenton that he's not going to abide by the new law, hence the state required his stepping down. Very noble action....perhaps.

I'm as against unfunded mandates as anyone. But before the Don Quixote awards are given out, let's realize that there are a whole lot of mandates that cost districts like ours buckets of money every year.
I like Jim. He's a bit eccentric and he makes for a great conversation.
But stepping aside from the BOE over unfunded mandates would carry a great deal more credibility if one did it voluntarily over an issue that cost our students millions of dollars...rather than forced to step down because this particular mandate was aimed at you.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, there are also mandates from Homeland Security to run FBI background checks to prevent potential lawbreakers from endangering the public trust. This may be a stretch to include local Board members or town officials, but I think the recent number of corrupt individuals ousted in and bout NJ demonstrates why this is necessary. We have one big fish who just ruined another company and lost a billion dollars for investors (again). My own job requires the background check, I have to pay out my pocket, and I am more than happy to oblige. I have nothing to hide. This is for the safety of all of us, our children and the health of our economy. Whats the big deal?

Anonymous said...

Are you telling me if the state paid the $80 for the background check he would have completed it?

If the state mandates it the public pays one or the other, so your do you think it makes a difference if it comes out of the state budget or the local budget,,,a classic shift from one pocket to the other.

Makes me wonder what is being hidden?

Anonymous said...

Is the BLOG back alive? I certainly hope so, don't want to admit it but I miss you guys!

Scott Ireland said...

Let's just say....
It's under consideration.